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Dambuster Deicer products are a cost-effective solution for keeping ice away and your roof in great condition throughout the year!

Dambuster Roof Deicer, Avoid Roof Ice Damage


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In northern climates, the most common causes of damage to roofs and roof drainage systems are ice, snow and melted water that re-freezes. The re-freezing causes expansion. Expansion causes cracks and leaks.

Dambuster Deicers are our family's patented solution to winter roof damage. We realize that if you can keep the water from re-freezing, you will avoid the damage that re-freezing expansion causes to your roof and home. Dambuster Deicers' mild de-icing brine lowers the freezing point of water as it runs off your roof.

Learn about ice dams and how to prevent them.

Take a closer look at Winter ice dams, why they form, and the damage they can cause to your roof.

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