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Ice, snow and water refreezing are the problems

The last thing you need this winter is damage to your roof. Dambuster Deicer products are a cost-effective solution for keeping ice away and your roof in great condition throughout the year.

Dambuster Roof Deicer, Avoid Roof Ice Damage


Ice, Snow and Melt Water-refreezing Leads to Damage

Dambuster Deicers are the Solution

Icicles and freezing runoff may look beautiful—but often cause damage when water melts, refreezes, then expands creating "ice dams." These "ice dams" cause water backup, leading to leaks, and damage to the roof, gutters, façade and interiors.

So why do these ice dams form in the first place?

When a fresh layer of snow covers your roof, the warmth from the house and varying temperatures will melt the snow and ice. Then, when temperatures drop the melt water refreezes and expands. The expansion causes cracks and fissures in your roof and can crack roof surfaces, ruin gutters, scuppers, roof flashing, drain boxes and downspouts.

Dambuster roof deicers are the best solution.

Avoid roof ice damage to your building or home.


This product contains some salt. Salted water can conduct electricity. Do not install holiday lights or electrical items in the downhill pathway of the water that passes below the Dambuster as a short circuit can occur. ACTIVE DEICING INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, Sodium Acetate

Protected by U.S. Patents: 6282846B1 and 6484453B2

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