Generate More Profits This Winter

Increase Revenues and Client Satisfaction

The last thing your clients need this winter is roof damage. Dambuster Deicer products are a cost-effective solution for keeping ice away and roofs in great condition throughout the year.

Dambuster Roof Deicer, Avoid Roof Ice Damage


Dambuster Deicer Professional Roof Products

Provide preventative services for your customers

Dambuster Deicer products instantly add another income generating service to what you already provide for clients. By purchasing Dambuster Deicers and offering installation services to homeowners, you can easily add another profit stream to your business. Increase your revenue and in turn give clients an added measure of trust and loyalty to you.

The Dambuster Deicer product benefits:

  • Essential for winter roof maintenance
  • Earth-friendly products that help your business grow
  • Cost-effective prevention for your customers
  • Gain consistent service calls every winter
  • Use it as an add-on service to existing roof maintenance


This product contains some salt. Salted water can conduct electricity. Do not install holiday lights or electrical items in the downhill pathway of the water that passes below the Dambuster as a short circuit can occur. ACTIVE DEICING INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, Sodium Acetate

Protected by U.S. Patents: 6282846B1 and 6484453B2

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